An online speedometer tool is a web-based application that can measure the speed of anything that moves, whether it's a car, bike, or even a snail (although that might take a while). It's a simple yet useful tool that can give you accurate measurements in real time. Plus, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it. All you need is a device with an internet connection, and you're good to go!


What is Speedometer Online Tool?

A Speedometer Online Tool is a web-based application that can measure a vehicle's speed remotely. It uses GPS technology to calculate the speed of the vehicle based on its location and the time it takes to move between two points. These tools can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, making it easy for drivers to monitor their speed at anytime, anywhere.


How it works

SpeedoMeter.Live use GPS technology to track the location of the vehicle and calculate its speed. When a driver begins using the tool, it will request permission to access their location data. Once access is granted, the tool will use this information to calculate the vehicle's speed based on its movement between two points. The tool then displays the speed in real time, providing drivers with accurate information about their speed.


Why do you need an online speedometer?

Measuring Running Speed: A speedometer tool can be used to measure the speed of a runner or jogger. This is useful for tracking progress over time and setting goals for improvement.

Measuring Driving Speed: A speedometer tool can be used to measure the speed of a vehicle while driving. This can be useful for monitoring your speed on the road and avoiding speeding tickets.

Measuring Cycling Speed: A speedometer tool can be used to measure the speed of a cyclist. This is useful for tracking progress over time and setting goals for improvement.

Overall, an online speedometer tool can be useful in a variety of situations where measuring speed is important.


What features do you provide?

Our speedometer is completely free means you dont have to pay a single penny to use our tool and then the quality, we made our tool simple so anyone can understand what is happening and how to use it. and lastly, there are 3 types of measuring units that you can use to measure your speed which are Meter/Sec, Miles/Hr, KM/Hr.


Why speedometer is necessary?

A speedometer is necessary because it provides important information about the speed at which a vehicle is traveling. It is an essential component of the dashboard of a car or other vehicle, and it allows the driver to monitor their speed and adjust their driving accordingly.

Here are some reasons why a speedometer is necessary:

  1. Safety: Knowing the speed of the vehicle is important for safety reasons. Driving at excessive speeds can be dangerous and lead to accidents. A speedometer helps the driver to stay within safe limits.

  2. Fuel efficiency: Maintaining a constant speed helps to save fuel, and a speedometer helps the driver to achieve this. By monitoring their speed, the driver can adjust their driving style to achieve better fuel efficiency.

  3. Legal requirements: In many countries, there are legal speed limits that drivers must adhere to. A speedometer helps the driver to ensure they are not exceeding these limits and avoid getting a speeding ticket or other legal consequences.

  4. Vehicle maintenance: Monitoring the speed of a vehicle can also help to identify any mechanical problems that may be affecting its performance. For example, if the speedometer is not working correctly, it may indicate a problem with the vehicle's transmission or other parts.


How To Use SpeedoMeter.Live?

  1. Turn on your device location.
  2. Click the "START" button.
  3. Select speed unit or Display type.
  4. Measure your speed.

How to enable blocked location access?

If you accidentally blocked the site for accessing the location, then the tool will not work, to re-enable follow these steps.

Step 1: Click on the Lock icon on the left side of the web URL

Step 2 (Follow if you are on a smartphone): Click on the Permissions option.

Step 3: Now you will see a location option with a button, just click on it to allow.

Step 4: Refresh the website and measure your speed.


How to enable website location on phone?

First, go to your device settings and turn on the location then follow the steps.

Step 1: Open SpeedoMeter.Live and click on the Lock icon at the top.

GPS SpeedoMeter Online


Step 2: Then click on the Permission option.

Live GPS SpeedoMeter Online


Step 3: Now Click on the Switch to enable location access.

SpeedoMeter Online


Step 4: After that Refresh the website, and that's it, now you can measure your speed.

Online SpeedoMeter


Note: I am using Chrome browser to show the example, it may be different for your browser.



So, if you want to measure your vehicle's speed then can do that with our free online tool SpeedoMeter. Live, just make sure you have turned on your device location access and given permission to the website. So, what are you waiting for just visit SpeedoMeter. Live and start measuring speed.

Lastly, Had a good experience using our tool? Please share your positive experience with others and help us grow!


Absolutely, you can on your phone to check how fast you are traveling.

Our tool uses your device's GPS location to measure your speed. And dont worry we dont collect, any kind of information.

Our website uses your GPS location to measure your speed, so that's why if you turn off your location the site can't able to measure your speed.

You can easily check how fast you are going by visiting SpeedoMeter.Live website. The website will measure the speed for you.

Absolutely, the website uses various kinds of safety measures to give you the result and we don't store any kind of pieces of information. So you can relax and use the website without any worries.

Yes, the website is totally free to use you dont have to spend a single penny to use this tool.

Yes, it can, no matter what vehicle you are in our tool can measure the speed of that vehicle.

Yes, you can easily check how fast your vehicle is going on your iPhone. To check all you have to do is open the browser and visit the speedometer.live website then turn on your iPhone's GPS and grant permission on the website. That's it, now you can check the vehicle speed on your iPhone.

Measuring athletic performance: Runners, cyclists, and other athletes can use an online speedometer tool to track their speed and progress over time, helping them set and achieve fitness goals.

Monitoring driving speed: Drivers can use an online speedometer tool to check their driving speed, particularly in unfamiliar areas where speed limits may not be marked.

Measuring the speed of a moving object: An online speedometer tool can be used to measure the speed of a wide range of moving objects, from remote-controlled cars to airplanes and even animals.

Tracking the speed of a boat or other watercraft: Boaters and water sports enthusiasts can use an online speedometer tool to measure their speed on the water, helping them optimize their performance and navigate more safely.


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